Dual front wheel set

Dual front wheel set

E26K The dual front wheel set/ suitable for various 26" models
Quick DIY replacement into a tricycle

    Price: USD492    

    Patent design      
  •   With parking lock function
  •   Controllable lock; manual control lockable tilt angle
    Feature Description    
Made in Taiwen 
E26K The dual front wheel set/ suitable for various 26" models
    Can be quick DIY replacement into a tricycle
    Safety: The dual front wheel adopt TFW patented technology and balance system return design,
    which makes riding  more stable and safe.
    Parkable: The design of the front brake handle to control the locking, no longer use the foot to park
    when encountering  a red light, and no need to use the parking frame when parking.
    Convenience: The steering system is modular and can be adapted to various body types.
    Rideability: No control skills; more suitable for people with poor balance, women, children and the elderly.
    Handling: Using patented technology, the balanced four-bar linkage structure provides high stability
    and high road resistance.
    Fashionable and beautiful: Whether it is product appearance or packaging design, it is different from the
    label subjectivity of traditional  tricycles.

  •  Frame: 6061 aluminum tube / suitable for 26" bicycle frame
  • Tires: high pressure sports car color tires 20*1-1/8 "
  •  Colour: Black
  • Width of front two-wheel assembly: 58 cm
  • Shock absorber: Adjustable damping shock absorber
  • Mounting seat: Quick release front fork locking assembly
  • Load capacity: 20kg / blue load on the installed car
  • Tire: 20” x 1.75, 80PSI
  • Hub: SHINING 16”X1.7” Alloy, 32 Holes
  • Dual Brake Disc: PROMAX, Front Disc w/ 160mmX2 Roto
  • Front brake wire: a pair of two brake wire sets (patented automatic balance design)
  • Wheel frame: double-layer reinforced aluminum ring
  • Net weight: 10 kgs /Gross weight: 12 kgs
  • Package  size:  53 x 36 x 53 cm